The DEHEMS Network – Network for the Development of Higher Education Managemetn Systems - addresses all key groups of higher education: students, researchers, policymakers, employers and primarily higher education management staff. It explores which factors in various professional domains determine a graduate’s early career success. It studies how higher education management systems take employability data and surveys into account and how much higher education systems are and should be evidence-driven. Main results are: Dehems final report, Dehems final report short summary, Conference proceedings part I - Vienna, Conference proceedings part II - Ljubljana

 The project Higher Education as a Generator of Strategic Competences (Hegesco) addresses the needs of the main groups of higher education (HE) stakeholders who are interested in the employability of graduates. The scientific community have been provided with the Hegesco large scale survey database, which together with the Reflex database presents one of the largest graduate employability surveys in Europe and worldwide.   

The 7EU-VET project – Detailed Methodological Approach to Understanding the VET Education - is a research study on vocational education and training which builds on theoretical backgrounds and secondary analyses of the existing documentation as well as on national and EU data in order to conduct quantitative and qualitative studies and derive empirical results. Main results are: Final report (470 pages), Concluding Summary (17pages), Executive Summary (3 pages).

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